Voting for Your Favorite Stories!

QuarkChain Valentine’s Day Event Voting Time

Recently, we received a lot of touching stories. “Love” is the most incredible word in the world, and we hope everyone receive love every day!

We already publish all the selected stories, and initiate a vote. Please vote here: . Please remember, everyone only can choose 3 stories.

Let’s see who will be the TOP 5!

For more details about this event, please check under:

How to Participate:

Feb.13 — Feb.15: Leave the comment under Twitter post: and share your love story which includes but not limits to: romantic memories, words you wanna say to your beloved one, you can also write down your love confession

Feb.16: We will publish all the selected stories, and initiate a vote. You can call on your friends to vote for your story

Feb. 22: Voting closed and we will announce the result.

Top 5 will receive 5000QKC each as Forever Love foundation. QuarkChain team also will record these 5 stories on the chain as eternal memory.

Voting will be closed on Feb.22 10AM (PST Time)

❤️Happy Valentine Day! ❤️