TokenTuber — A Blockchain Video Platform Will Be Implemented on a QuarkChain’s Shard and Adopt Multiple Native Tokens

QuarkChain and TokenTuber, a blockchain video platform have officially become strategic partners. It is predicted that before the first quarter of next year, TokenTuber will be running on QuarkChain’s new shards and support users to use TUBER to pay transaction fees and create smart contracts on QuarkChain’s shards by the function of multiple native tokens. Miners can choose TUBER as rewards for keeping the ledger.

Thanks to its high throughput, flexibility, scalability, and support of multiple native tokens, QuarkChain can guarantee high efficiency and security for TokenTuber’s token economy mechanism. In the future, TokenTuber will be implemented on QuarkChain’s new shards, and its official token TUBER and smart contract will also be migrated. The shard can use either TUBER or QKC to pay for the transaction fees and deploying smart contracts at the same time. In addition, QuarkChain miners can get TUBER rewards by joining the ledger of TokenTuber.

About QuarkChain

QuarkChain is the first public chain to implement state sharding. Thanks to its great design of sharding function, QuarkChian has realized a high TPS. At the same time, it makes customization available for four factors: consensus, token economy, virtual machines, and ledger model. QuarkChain has become a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain with a highly secure, decentralized, and highly efficient underlying architecture.

About TokenTuber

TokenTuber is a global blockchain video platform combined with token economics. It aims to lower the barriers to enter the cryptocurrency space so that massive cryptocurrencies can be achieved. TokenTuber provides one-stop services such as investor education, decision support, transactions, and Dapp entrance, to guide users on their journeys in the crypto world.