QuarkChain spoke at ‘Smart Technology and Procurement Exhibition and Conference for Sustainable Development’ organized by UNOPS

The QuarkChain Korean team participated as a member of the Chain Action at the Conference on Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Promotion held in Korea from October 21–23, 2019. Chain Action is a nonprofit organization that builds blockchain networks for various social goals that the United Nations set out to achieve of which 40 blockchain companies are members. During the exhibition, the team introduced how QuarkChain aligns with Chain Action’s focus and can help the international community using its sustainable development technologies.

This year’s third STS&P 2019 event was co-hosted by the United Nations Project Procurement Agency (UNOPS) and introduced smart technologies. On the last day, blockchain companies discussed sustainable development through presentations and panel discussion.

During the panel discussion, Jonathan Kim, QuarkChain Head of Korea, said that QuarkChain can contribute to the sustainable development of the international community in two ways. Firstly, by using the flexibility of QuarkChain, it is possible to connect the projects through a consortium of blockchain technologies for collaboration with total transparency and ease of transfers. Secondly, utilizing QKC and wallet as tool for funding, we can provide ‘interest’ to refugees holding QKC.

QuarkChain will continue to make contributions to the global community by actively cooperating with U.N. goals. Also, as a participant in Chain Action Movement, it will continue to contribute actively in utilizing blockchain technology to help society.

  • STS&P: STS&P is a platform that provides solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) jointly promoted by the international community. Based on exhibitions, conferences and consultation sessions, it helps companies (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) advance into the U.N. procurement market worth about 20 trillion won and 5,500 trillion won