QuarkChain (QKC) Strategic Evolution: Unveiling Our Path Forward

QuarkChain’s Transition to Ethereum Layer 2 and Ecosystem/Marketing Initiatives

3 min readSep 18, 2023

Dear Community,

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive update on the ongoing developments within QuarkChain and to present our strategic roadmap for the foreseeable future. The QuarkChain team has been unwaveringly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Strategic Transition: Pivoting QuarkChain to an Ethereum Layer 2 Project:

Over the past two years, the QuarkChain team has diligently researched and developed cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Following an exhaustive study, we are now embarking on a transformative journey — transitioning QuarkChain into an Ethereum Layer 2 project. This strategic shift is anchored in Ethereum’s dominant market position and substantiated by our meticulous research.

Leveraging QuarkChain’s proprietary sharding technology presents a significant opportunity to enhance Ethereum’s capabilities, aligning seamlessly with Ethereum’s developmental trajectory.

Development for Enriching the QuarkChain Ecosystem

QuarkChain, now an Ethereum Layer 2 project, can collaborate with Ethereum’s ecosystem to tackle scalability issues. Ethereum’s danksharding even further expands possibilities.

QuarkChain aims to and now can enhance scalability, storage, and web protocols, onboarding Ethereum projects for a more efficient ecosystem.

We are collaborating with EthStorage, a layer 2 project aiming to harness the security properties of the base layer while significantly expanding storage capacity to petabyte-level at a fraction of the current cost as a storage roll-up on Ethereum/QuarkChain. This tackles Ethereum L1/L2 costs and scalability challenges in the Web3 sphere. EthStorage is already in the testnet phase and has attracted interest from projects dealing with on-chain storage issues. The collaboration with developers and projects is underway to facilitate seamless integration with QuarkChain upon launch.

Another ecosystem partner is the web3 Access Protocol (ERC-4804), which can serve HTTP-style Web3 URLs for blockchain resource access. This addresses centralization risks tied to centralized servers like http:// or ipfs:// for displaying data on websites. The Web3 Access Protocol was finalized in February 2023, with support from the Ethereum Foundation. Notably, QuarkChain is already supported by the web3 Access Protocol.

Through EthStorage’s storage solution and the Web3 Access Protocol, QuarkChain would further expand its ecosystem and advance the data publication, storage, and retrieval journey.

QuarkChain’s New Roadmap and Marketing Initiatives

As we redefine the project’s direction, we recognize the significant challenges ahead. QuarkChain has been minimizing marketing efforts while focusing on research and development in recent months. With our plans now crystallized more and more, we will proactively engage in comprehensive marketing and promotional activities, not only within our community but also in the broader market.

We intend to collaborate with diverse companies and projects that possess substantial community and marketing resources.

Our first ecosystem partner is BSC Station, a network with over 1200+ partners in the crypto space, a large and active community with 400k+ followers on Twitter and 285k on Telegram. By working with such partners, we anticipate a more impactful outcome for our marketing efforts, especially in conjunction with developments like EthStorage and the Web3 Access Protocol.

We appreciate your ongoing support as we embark on this exciting journey of transformation and innovation.

QuarkChain Team

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