QuarkChain participates in the Devcon5 to share the latest advances in public chain technology

4 min readOct 17, 2019


Last week, the Ethereum Development Conference (Devcon), a bellwether for technology development in the blockchain industry, came to a close in Osaka, Japan. Devcon is an annual gathering organized by the Ethereum Foundation, which caters to practitioners, developers, researchers, client implementers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, and more. This conference attracted about 3,000 participants to discuss current and future issues related to the ethereum ecology, as well as the blockchain ecology.

Besides the Ethereum core team represented by Vitalik Buterin, QuarkChain’s core engineers team also showed their presence at the conference and held an offline technological meeting named “Devcon Sharding Night”.

A meeting brought together the core team of Ethereum

As an annual meeting, Devcon brings together the core developers from around the world. Even more, as a conference that focused on developers, each time Devcon hosts a number of development workshops at the venue where many outstanding developers will personally explain top technology developments in the industry and the implementation of important features. They also communicate and share their experiences with developers and enthusiasts in a code-based way.

QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou Qi led the core leaders of the development team to the conference. In particular, he participated in several developer workshops and conducted technical exchanges with other practitioners. Throughout the conference, he shared some experiences learnt during the development process and views on the current state of the industry and the future direction.

QuarkChain and Ethereum 2.0 technology views highly coincident

Besides the hot topics of DiFi andDAO organizations, an important topic of the conference is the discussion of Ethereum 2.0 The new version of Ethereum also chose the same sharding technology as QuarkChain deploys in order to solve the issues of expansion and high gas fees. In the future, heterogeneous shards similar to that of QuarkChain, meaning different shards have different characteristics and functions ,will be implemented in by Ethereum 2.0 Based on this commonality, we can see that QuarkChain and Ethereum share the same point of view in the direction of sharding.

Dr. Zhou had a number of in-depth discussions at the venue with participants, including Vitalik Buterin, about ETH 1.x, ETH 2.0, and the new virtual machine-eWASM that ETH will use in the future.

The Ethereum network currently uses EVM virtual machines, which host all of the Token, DApp, DAO and many other features on Ethereum. However, because the less efficient compilation of EVM can cost many gas fees, the Ethereum team proposed using eWASM instead of EVM to improve performance. At present, the QuarkChain main network uses the EVM as the core virtual machine, but thanks to the heterogeneous sharding capability that is built into the design, QuarkChain can support different shards to use different virtual machines. In the future, if eWASM virtual machines will go live, QuarkChain can deploy it to own network as soon as possible without affecting the operation of the entire network.

The new concept of the public chain

In order to communicate with more outstanding developers and to spread the concept of public chain technology, QuarkChain co-hosted the “Devcon Sharding Night” technological offline meeting event on the first night of the Devcon. In front of other developers and enthusiasts, Dr. Zhou introduced the blockchain expansion solutions favored by different projects. In the event, Dr. zhou started analyzing the advantages of blockchain and critiqued the shortcomings of existing public chain projects. He concluded by proposing that QuarkChain offers an efficient, flexible and more compatible solution for these problems.The offline meeting was a good complement to the actual conference to fill in the gaps about the development of existing mainstream blockchain technology. Several event participants had highly rated QuarkChain’s technology solutions and believed that this design approach has given them new inspirations.