QuarkChain Guardian Plan Term II Ended and Rewards Distribution Announcement

Dear QuarkChain Community Members,

Thanks for your support and we’re happy to announce that the second phase of the Guardian Plan was over. All Aegis Guardians and Elf Guardians fulfilled their duties completely. Now, we will announce the reward release plan for the second phase and the future plan.

The election result of the Term II Elf Guardians can be checked here: https://guardian.quarkchain.io/

For the Term II reward release, we’re now processing the KYC for the Aegis Guardians and Elf Guardians. The reward calculation work was already done. Once all the processes are done, we will send the corresponding rewards to the Guardians and to the voters with the promised rebate ratio. We will publish all the information at our official channels, please pay attention to the announcements. For the users who are influenced by this decision, we will proceed with additional compensation and distributed to your account gradually after the second guardian term. For more information, please pay attention to our follow-up announcements.

In addition, the QKC you withdrew can be used to participate in QuarkChain’s PoSW mining event. The holders can swap them to mainnet tokens and cooperate with the miners to stake QKC to gain extra returns.

  1. QuarkChain Token Swap Progress Summary: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/quarkchain-token-swap-progress-summary-57e546fcd9ff
  2. A Tutorial for QuarkChain’s PoSW Mining: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official/one-button-quarkchain-mining-setup-release-quarkchains-posw-mining-return-is-about-5-times-173418a124bd

Thank you for supporting QuarkChain, if you have any questions, please follow the official channels and ask us.