QuarkChain Game of DeFi Summary: Small products now store great energy for the future

With the end of the lottery of the Element Miners, our Game of DeFi campaign is drawing to a close. In addition to the Bounty activity, which is still in operation and in which users can participate in a sharing of millions of QKC, other stages of the campaign have ended and prizes are being gradually distributed and will be available soon.Bounty page is expected to be closed on 12 September PST and start to turn into reward calculation work. You are welcome to continue participating in the following days.

In order to let everyone experience the security and user-friendly of the next generation of the DeFi Network, we launched five DeFi products in Aug:

Users can create their multi-native tokens in the form of bidding. The QKC used for bidding will be permanently burned. The multi-native tokens created by users enjoy the same rights as ETH and QKC, and they are more secure than ERC20.

After multi-native tokens are created successfully, they can be used to pay for the gas fee directly, while ERC20 has to rely on ETH for gas fee payment only. Miners can provide liquidity for the multi-native tokens.

By staking mainnet QKC with smart contract, one can obtain the same amount of devnet QKC, which can be used on multi-native token bidding and QSwap. This also achieves assets transferring among different blockchains.

Unlike Uniswap, which can only support ERC20 tokens, QSwap supports multi-native tokens. Thus, no extra pre-authorized approval is required in the process, and any multi-native token can be used to pay gas fee ( not only QKC ). Users will get better experience and maintain more security by avoiding granting unlimited authorization. Moreover, there will be much lower gas fee due to sharding technology provided by QuarkChain infrastructure.

The player’s goal is to collect 5 elements to join the reward pool. However, since these elements are reinforcing to each other (just like the mining throughputs from different projects are different), using QSwap will be the most efficient approach.

The creation, circulation and exchange of multi-native tokens, asset mapping, DEX and fun applications are involved, and participants can experience these products personally. The unique creation of multi-native tokens and being used to pay fees leave a broader imagination space to the future application of blockchain. For the interesting game Element Miner and DEX QSwap, the fun design, the beautiful interface and the high efficient tokens exchange impressed all the participants, and attracted a lot of positive interactions. It enabled us to collect more insights into the evolution of DeFi and optimization suggestions for the products from community members. Inspired by the campaign, the number of the global community members has grown by more than 10,000, which is 20 times the number of previous Twitter interactions.

After the campaign, while continuing to optimize the product, we specially reserved the entrance for the critically acclaimed game Element Miner for fans to play. The valuable experience and feedback from this event will also help us to build better products and significantly growth of the community, and reserve more energy for future development.

Finally, thank you again for your participation and feedback. Next, we will focus on the application of a new DeFi product, shaping a new space in this hot area and providing a new perspective on the problem for the DeFi market. Currently, we are constantly working on development of the product, and will introduce it to you very soon.