QuarkChain Bounty Program Q&A

1) Where to claim?


2) How can I get a mainnet address?


3) How much QKC do I get per point?

The ratio hasn’t been calculated yet.

4) I don’t see my referral award?

This also hasn’t been calculated yet. Please wait for the final calculation.

5) When will I see my reward?

Distribution date hasn’t been announced. Please be patient.

6) Invalid QKC Mainnet Address?

Oops! Looks like you may have tried to enter an ERC20 QKC Address. Please provide a mainnet address.

7) Do you see the “Success!” Message?

Great! You are all done for now.

8) Is the site not working?

No worries, there is heavy traffic right now. Please try again later.

9) Do I have to Register/Login into QPocket to claim?


10) Can I use Binance, Trust wallet, or a coinswitch address?

No, you need to claim with a mainnet QKC address. You can get one on QPocket

11) What about Kucoin?

Yes! Kucoin has mainnet QKC, therefore a mainnet QKC address

Note) Don’t be afraid to enter the wrong address when you hit claim. If you accidently don’t provide a mainnet address, there will be a pop up warning. Furthermore, you can update the claim address at anytime.