QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Sep 06 — Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to the 40th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Sep 06 to Sep 19. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events.


  • QuarkChain has signed a cooperation agreement with Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA)
  • QuarkChain will attend Korea Blockchain Week
  • Korea Offline Meetup with Binance, Enjin, and HANBYOL LAW,LLC.
  • QuarkChain will attend Devcon in Japan, and will hold 2 offline meetups.

# Major Updates

## Added

  • Added PoSW information for root blocks in JSONRPC
  • Include block signature / signer in block explorer for root blocks
  • Supported qkchashx mining algorithm upgrade (hard fork) according to shard block height
  • Launched testnet3 internally to fully test new features for the upcoming network upgrade

## Updated

  • Update root chain endpoint of getting mining work to include PoSW mining flag so clients can lower the effective difficulty accordingly
  • Updated event subscription websocket endpoint to be reactive

## Fixed

  • Fix legacy JSONRPC endpoint such as eth_getBalance to be backward-compatible with web3 client
  • Fixed root chain staking contract bytecode mismatch
  • Fixed retrieving root chain stakes in case of network forks
  • Fixed EVM balance transfer results initiated in smart contract

QuarkChain has signed a cooperation agreement with Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA)

QuarkChain has signed a cooperation agreement with Blockchain In Transport Alliance (BiTA) and joined the global blockchain transport alliance officially. Based on its technical advantages, QuarkChain will work with about 500 logistics and technology enterprises,devoting themselves in expanding the blockchain technology applications in logistics fields as well as promoting cooperation and development of the industry. For more details: HERE.

9/6 2019 Shanghai Blockchain Technological Innovation Summit

This Summit was held on September 6 in Shanghai. QuarkChain team was invited to participate in the summit. QuarkChain CEO Dr. Qi Zhou and CBO Ting Du delivered keynote speeches and joined the round table discussion. They shared QuarkChain’s experiences on blockchain technology development and applications with practitioners from the top blockchain industries, experts and scholars from home and abroad as well as the government staff. For more details: HERE.

9/10 Eco-Peak Forum of China-Korea Blockchain

9/17 QuarkChain AMA in Binance Korea Telegram Group

On Sep 17th, QuarkChain had AMA with Binance in Binance Korea Telegram group. Jonathan introduced critical problems that blockchain industries faced and how QuarkChain solves these problems. Also, he introduced PoSW mining event which both miners and token holders can get high benefits. For people who did not attend the AMA, we will post the AMA summary later, please follow the official channel for the update.

9/17 “The Next Public Chains” Event

During the International Week of Shanghai Blockchain Week, Yang Yaodong, the research scientist from QuarkChain, participated in the round table discussion of “The Differentiation Path of Public Chain”. Numerous public chains project managers and representatives discussed various hot topics of the blockchain industry such as public chains, Libra and blockchain applications, as well as explored the development and solutions of the blockchain industry. He said that although there are no broad-scale applications, the technology is still moving forward. Blockchain technology needs time to grow mature, there will be new business landscapes in the future.

4) Upcoming Event

9/23 Korea Offline Meetup with Binance, Enjin, and HANBYOL LAW,LLC.

QuarkChain will hold Binance Event in Seoul together with Enjin, Binance, and HANBYOL LAW,LLC. Jonathan, the head of Korea will introduce QuarkChain technology such as Proof of Staked Work, Boson Consensus, and more.

9/27–10/04 Korea Blockchain Week

Top leaders from industry companies and startups, financial services giants, and many other areas will discuss the real and the virtual applications of blockchain technology. Jonathan, QuarkChain head of Korea together with Korea team will attend this event. Please check the official channel for the update.

10/08–10/11 Devcon in Osaka, Japan

This is a conference for builders of all kinds: developers, designers, researchers, etc. QuarkChain CEO and founder Dr. Zhou will lead the engineering team to attend this conference and introduce QuarkChain solid blockchain technology. We will share more information in the following weeks.

10/8 Tokyo Offline Meetup together with Chainlink, Vechain, Bitgrit

10/13 Osaka Offline Meetup — QuarkChain, Harmony, Elrond


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