QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: July 12 — July 25, 2019

Welcome to the 36th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from July 12 to July 25. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events.


  • QuarkChain added NEW functions: Supported cross-shard smart contract invocation and creation.

1)Development Progresses

# Major Updates

## Added

  • Supported cross-shard smart contract invocation and creation

## Updated

  • Improved transactions’ root block confirmation data retrieval performance

## Fixed

  • Fixed several EVM bugs related to stale EIP, gas usage, unused instruction, and more


7/8- 7/11 Asia’s biggest technology summit RISE

2019 RISE Hong Kong, Asia’s biggest technology summit was held in the Hong Kong exhibition center from 8th July to 11th July this year. QuarkChain’s co-founder and CBO Du Ting led the business development team to attend the summit. They had deep communication with attendees from different fields and talk about how to combine blockchain technology with different industries. Some expressed their intention to cooperate with QuarkChain.

7/13 TAKE OFF- Little Turtle’s blockchain trip around China

Tortoise in China is a field visiting project. It was held in Shenzhen on July 13. Du Ting, QuarkChain co-founder, and CBO participated in the round table “Application Discussions”. He told:

“Both sharding technology and privacy technology will have a promising future. Currently, QuarkChain has developed state sharding technology, the most valuable application, and the biggest technological breakthrough. Moreover, privacy technology is already on QuarkChain’s agenda. ”

7/14 2019 Block Global ECO Summit

On July 14, the 2019 Block Global ECO Summit was held in Shenzhen, China. QuarkChain co-founder and CBO Du Ting led the business development team to participate in the event. QuarkChain’s team exchanged their ideas with the participants and discussed together with the possibility to combine blockchain technology with traditional industries. This event let more enterprises outside the industry knew about QuarkChain. QuarkChain had a better understanding of their needs about blockchain application.

7/17–7/19 Casino Integrated Resort Show Asia 2019

QuarkChain Korea team participated in CIRS (Casino Integrated Resort Show Asia) 2019 event that was held from July 17 to 19. More than 100 attenders visited QuarkChain’s booth and asked questions about QuarkChain’s technology. At the Blockchain Seminar on the 18th, Korea Head Jonathan Kim gave a presentation under the theme of “Travel, Casino and Blockchain.” To combine blockchain with offline complex casino resorts, Kim suggested utilizing a stable coin. QuarkChain will be able to provide stable coins, high TPS, mobile wallet and DApp development, and marketing.

7/17 Crypto Wednesday Event

On July 17, QuarkChain participated in the event “Crypto Wednesday”. QuarkChain Scientist — Prof Yaodong Yang introduced QuarkChain’s in-house PoSW which improve efficiency and ensure network security, as well as the Boson consensus, a decentralized, secure, and scalable blockchain sharding consensus. Partners expressed great interest in QuarkChain sharding technology, and Professor Yang Yaodong also answered questions one by one.

7/19 Seminar on New Changes in Digital Economy

On July 19, QuarkChain co-founder and CBO Ting Du attended the Seminar on New Changes in Digital Economy which was hosted by DraperDragon Fund in Shen Zhen. Ting Du introduced QuarkChain’s idea of the token economic model. At the same time, he discussed how to construct the community in the economic model and upgrade it to a consensus economic, so as to access more community projects, develop financial services and build a global ecosystem.

7/21 Beyond Consensus Token Economic Forum

On July 21, Nervos Network held a “Beyond Consensus Token Economic Forum” in Shanghai. Shuai Sun, the investment manager of QuarkChain, was invited to attend the forum and discussed with the participants the current and future development of the token economic. In his speech, Sun Shuai mentioned:

“Different industries have different requirements for the token economic. It is difficult to adopt a set of token economic to all industries. With this in mind, QuarkChain introduced the concept of multi-native tokens at the beginning, which means that each shard can issue its own native tokens, and then define its own token economic.”

7/25 KuCoin Blockchain Day in Korea

Co-hosted by GBIC and Block72, supported by QuarkChian and various industrial influencers, KuCoin Blockchain Day 2019 in Korea was held on July 25th. QuarkChain Korea Head-Jonathan Kim gave Keynote about QuarkChain’s flexibility, scalability, and future plan. He also attended Panel Discussion: How Korean Projects Go Global?

Upcoming Event

7/26 Speech at Georgia Institute of Technology

On July 26, QuarkChain founder and CEO Dr.Zhou will visit Georgia Institute of Technology and give a speech about “Blockchain Scalability: History, Present, and Future”. He will introduce the blockchain trilemma problem and how QuarkChain puts forward an excellent solution to blockchain trilemma, which is an important contribution to the future development of the industry.

7/26 Seminar on Science and Technology of Blockchain in China, Ning Bo

On July 26, QuarkChain business development director Margaret Xie will attend the blockchain seminar. She will discuss with the guests the wide application of blockchain technology, and introduce how QuarkChain uses sharding technology, original Boson consensus, the multi-native token mechanism to overcome industry difficulties, achieve blockchain technology innovation and application landing.

Thanks for reading this report. QuarkChain always appreciates your support and company.

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