QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: July 12 — July 25, 2019

  • QuarkChain added NEW functions: Supported cross-shard smart contract invocation and creation.
  • EVM upgraded to Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork
  • QuarkChain’s co-founder and CBO Du Ting led the business development team to attend several summits. They had deep communication with attendees from different fields and talk about how to combine blockchain technology with different industries.
  • QuarkChain and Nervos Network joined events together. QuarkChain Scientist — Prof Yaodong Yang and QuarkChain investment manager Shuai Sun introduced QuarkChain’s in-house PoSW, Boson Consensus and token economic.
  • QuarkChain Korea team participated in CIRS. Korea Head Jonathan Kim gave a presentation under the theme of “Travel, Casino and Blockchain.”

1)Development Progresses

  • Supported cross-shard smart contract invocation and creation
  • Added batch processing for database integrity check tooling
  • Supported retrieving cross-shard transaction receipts
  • Implemented P2P node info collector to get an overview of the network
  • Improved transactions’ root block confirmation data retrieval performance
  • Updated bootstrap nodes routing table by pruning inactive nodes
  • Upgraded EVM to Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork
  • Updated account serialization scheme to be backward-compatible to integrate with EVM state test suites
  • Simplified project dependency building procedures in docker file
  • Fixed several EVM bugs related to stale EIP, gas usage, unused instruction, and more


7/14 2019 Block Global ECO Summit

7/17 Crypto Wednesday Event

7/19 Seminar on New Changes in Digital Economy

7/21 Beyond Consensus Token Economic Forum

7/25 KuCoin Blockchain Day in Korea

Upcoming Event

3) FYI



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