QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress

Report: Nov 01 — Nov 14, 2019

Welcome to the 44th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Nov 01 to Nov 14. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events.


  • QuarkChain Go was launched and open-sourced
  • TPS Competition Season 2 will come soon.
  • Offline and online event in China
  • AMA in Russian Coummunity group

1) Development Progresses

## Added

  • Open-sourced goquarkchain and set up new TPS competition
  • Supported minting new native tokens through precompiled contract
  • Supported using trie for storing native token balances
  • Added pool maintainer fee in staking pool

## Updated

  • Updated gas-reserve-related system contract interaction with gas calculation in EVM level
  • Continued integration test for mining pool with staking pool contract
  • Updated front-end of ming pool webpage

## Fixed

  • Fixed issues with system contracts for auctioning new native tokens

2) Big News

QuarkChain Go launched and open-sourced. The QuarkChain Go is more secure, with higher performance, which allows more developers to participate in mainnet. The release is a major step towards the maturation of the QuarkChain mainnet. Execution of the “Go” version is more efficient and its TPS can be 5 times higher than that of the Python version. QuarkChain Go offers a more stable network that prevents network crash due to vulnerabilities of any single version.

3) Events

Cryptography Services Meeting was held by NCC Group during SF Blockchain week. QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou and the engineering team attended this meeting. They offered ideas on network security, encryption, and how QuarkChain can use technology to solve and avoid problems. The major security problem in blockchain is that a lot of PoW chains can be easily attacked. QuarkChain developed Proof of Staked Work that aims dramatically improve the security and address blockchain bootstrap issue.

3.2) 11/1 U.S-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit

QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou attended 2019 U.S.-China Blockchain Gaming Investment Summit as a speaker. He said QuarkChain team is exploring the opportunities for gaming such as providing game developers with native tokens so that they don’t need to educate people with gas, eth, etc. Also a lot of traditional game producers that try to utilize blockchain to tokenize assets.

3.3) 11/2 ABC CTO Party

QuarkChain CEO and Founder, Dr.Zhou participated in ABC CTO Party will be held by the Google ABC Blockchain community. He introduced technology updates such as the launch and open-source of the “Go” version of QuarkChain mainnet. He also shared his opinions about the future of blockchain. He believed QuarkChain is the one that could unite the existing communities, offer greater diversity (with multi-consensus support), security (PoSW), and scalability (multi-chain).

3.4) 11/8 2019 Global Blockchain Conference in Wu Zhen

The 2nd World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen was closed on November 8–9. QuarkChain team participated in the conference as one of the exhibitors to spread the technology concept of QuarkChain to more users in China. CMO Anthurine and Scientist Yang Yaodong gave speeches at the conference, and several members of the BD team also attended the conference, reaching cooperation with a number of projects.

3.5) 11/12 QuarkChain AMA with Gate.io community

Head of Korea, Jonathan hold a online AMA in Gate.IO telegram group, He introduced the QuarkChain Go. He metioned processing speed is 3 to 5 times higher than that of the Python version. We expect that after optimization, QuarkChain can reach the million TPS and become a public chain system with the capability to carry existing VISA card transactions and the central bank’s digital currency DCEP. QuarkChian Go can be used as the basic version for enterprise and it can support alliance chain or private chain after simple modification.

4) Upcoming Events

We decided to hold the prize-bearing second QuarkChain TPS competition. We want to incentivize more people to join us and experience high performance and more flexible features of our technology. Please follow our official channel for more detailed announcements.

4.2) 11/14 Event “What is Break Point After TPS ”

4.3) 11/15 AMA with CryptoBazar

QuarkChain Tech Lead Ping Ke will hold an AMA in CryptoBazar community group. CryptoBazar, has been working on VCs and community operations in the blockchain industry and it is the largest foundation and community in the Russian-speaking country.

4.4) 11/17 Chainlink: Connected Smart Contract Meetup

Connected Smart Contract Meetup hold by Chainlink will take place on November 17. Scientist Yang Yaodong will give a keynote speech on the “Industry application discussion of the high-performance heterogeneous alliance chain”. He will introduce QuarkChain’s heterogeneous shards function and field applications.

4.5) 11/17 EMBA Event:Understanding Blockchain from Scratch

4.6) 11/22 IC3 2019 Fall Retreat

IC3 faculty, studnets, sponsors, and guests gather at IC3 Retreats to sidcuss the major technical challenges, issues, and innovative solutions to widespread blockchain adoption. QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou and engineer Hanyun Xu will introduce Blockchain sharding consensus.

5) FYI

Website: https://www.quarkchain.io

Telegram: https://t.me/quarkchainio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quark_Chain

Medium: https://medium.com/quarkchain-official

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/quarkchainio/

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Discord: https://discord.me/quarkchain