QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress

  • QuarkChain Go was launched and open-sourced
  • TPS Competition Season 2 will come soon.
  • Offline and online event in China
  • AMA in Russian Coummunity group

1) Development Progresses

  • Open-sourced goquarkchain and set up new TPS competition
  • Supported minting new native tokens through precompiled contract
  • Supported using trie for storing native token balances
  • Added pool maintainer fee in staking pool
  • Updated gas-reserve-related system contract interaction with gas calculation in EVM level
  • Continued integration test for mining pool with staking pool contract
  • Updated front-end of ming pool webpage
  • Fixed issues with system contracts for auctioning new native tokens

2) Big News

3) Events

4) Upcoming Events

5) FYI





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