QuarkChain and P2P Business Solution Company Vera Formed Strategic Partnership to Co-create A Future For End-to-end Retailing Models

QuarkChain and Vera, a P2P business solutions company, have officially become strategic partners. Quarkchain will work with Vera to create an efficient, scalable, and decentralization platform that provides more practical functionality that would benefit the entire system. Moreover, these functionalities would be scalable and accommodating for future expansion and technology upgrades.

The current e-commerce market, because of the efficiency and credibility risks, channels and intermediaries earn value through risk-taking. Efficient access to merchants and consumers, and provide genuine products is still the most basic work of e-commerce today. Blockchain’s high credibility provides a guarantee for this. Eliminating intermediary costs while ensuring efficiency would benefit both buyers and sellers, which is a key element in driving the partnership between QuarkChain and Vera.

Vera is the world’s first blockchain omnichannel P2P commerce solution that using leverages smart tags and decentralized oracles. Recent innovations with blockchain and distributed ledger technology have provided decentralized means to connect business ecosystems, enabling an efficient and frictionless digital economy.

Vera is building the world’s first blockchain-powered P2P commerce ecosystem that finally allows consumers to buy products from any direct sales channel without intermediaries. With no middlemen fees, businesses can guarantee unparalleled competitive pricing. Using NFC smart tags technology, sellers and brands can also guarantee consumers authentic products, reviews, and mobile experiences that are engaging, informative, and relevant to the consumer anywhere, from the retail shelf to the consumer’s home.

Quarkchain will provide distributed ledger technology solutions for Vera. Boson consensus, exclusively developed by QuarkChain, enables every shard to have different consensus algorithms, ledger models, transaction models, and token economics. Relying on the high-performance cross-shard transactions, all assets on the shards can be interoperable.

QuarkChain and Vera will collaborate deeply in technical research and exploration for applications. QuarkChain will leVerage unique sharding technology to enable Vera to achieve a decentralized, transparent business platform. At the same time, Vera will leVerage its P2P commercial ecosystem expertise to provide QuarkChain with promising examples of blockchain landing applications.

About Quarkchain

QuarkChain is the first public chain to implement state sharding. Thanks to its great design of sharding function, QuarkChian has realized a high TPS. At the same time, it makes customization available for four factors: consensus, token economy, virtual machines, and ledger model. QuarkChain has become a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly blockchain with a highly secure, decentralized, and highly efficient underlying architecture.

About Vera

Vera is a blockchain application protocol that supports decentralized peer-to-peer exchange of physical consumer goods. Founded by the leaders from top universities such as Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Samsung and Google. In e-commerce, big data, the Internet, and supply chains area, Vera uses the most advanced innovations in blockchain technology, and make P2P commerce become an alternative to markets and solutions.















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