QuarkChain Ambassadors from 20 Countries Attended the Online Opening Ceremony

On May 16 and 17, QuarkChain held two online opening ceremony meetings . Ambassadors from China, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Russia, Nigeria, and other 20 countries and regions attended the meetings. Dr. Zhou, founder and CEO of QuarkChain, and Anthurine, co-founder and CMO of QuarkChain introduced the characteristics and advantages of QuarkChain, as well as the work duties and reward of being QuarkChain global ambassadors.

QuarkChain launched the recruitment of global ambassadors in 2020 last month. A total of 18 ambassadors from China, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Nigeria, India, Russia, Southern Europe, and other regions joined the ambassador family. The members include supporters who helped the project since the initial stage, technology enthusiasts with development background, community opinion leaders. All these talented individuals bring more excellent resources to QuarkChain. In order to help new community ambassadors to better understand the project, QuarkChain organized this high-level online meeting.

At the meeting, Dr. Zhou first introduced the underlying technology, solutions, and products of QuarkChain.

Then he highlighted the flexible heterogeneous sharding technology. With many enterprise business scenarios and geographical differences, it is difficult for all business scenarios to use only one blockchain to solve the problem. The ideal solution should be scenario-based: based on the specifications of the scenario, customize a public chain as the solution. In other words, the solution that addresses all scenarios should be multiple blockchains. QuarkChain implemented the heterogeneous sharding technology, and the mainnet can add multiple shards. QuarkChain can flexibly design each shard with the four elements: consensus mechanism, transaction model, ledger model and token economics. The shard can be compatible with most of the current blockchain design schemes.

With the development of the industry, the controllable and efficient consortium blockchain and the open, diversified public chain have integrated into one solution to address all needs. QuarkChain is redefining the problem from the infrastructure perspective and has invented its proprietary Boson consensus framework that are applicable for both chains.In other words, Boson Consensus is an infrastructure framework for blockchain systems that supports heterogeneous sharding and guarantees safety for the root chain on the basis of sharding.

After introducing the relevant information of QuarkChain, Anthurine summarized the development of global ambassadors over the past two years. She also introduced main duties to new ambassadors.

Anthurine extended her gratitude to all the supporters. Many ambassadors have helped QuarkChain to establish a huge and active community in the past two years. They spontaneously translated articles into their languages and spread information to the world. At present, the global ambassador team has covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Regarding the future development goals, Anthurine said that one of the future goals is to spread the QuarkChain concept and technology to more people around the world. Not only people need to hear the name of QuarkChain, but also need to know what QuarkChain is and what progress the team is making. QuarkChain has also launched a new and upgraded Global Ambassador Award scheme, adding dozens of additional awards to incentivize ambassadors.

At the end of the meeting,ambassadors took turns to introduce themselves followed by a Q&A session where Dr.Zhou and Anthurine also answered questions from ambassadors about technology and reward programs.