Partner Introduction| UDAP is About to Launch on PIEXGO doing IXO, and Become the First Project Using QKC to Do the Fundraising

UDAP was founded by a star team with former IBM members. They will officially list on PIEXGO and become the first IXO project in QuarkChain’s eco-partnership layout.

With the emergence of the Internet HTTP protocol, users no longer need to memorize IP addresses, which simplifies the process of accessing web pages and forms Internet revolution. UDAP is similar to HTTP protocol, it is a protocol layer between the basic layer of the blockchain network, protocol layer, and application layer.

What is UDAP?

UDAP is committed to build a general and decentralized intermediate layer that manages the asset lifecycle in a blockchain. Application developers can quickly complete the transition from Internet business model to token economy model without fully understand blockchain underlying technology, smart contracts and so on. The goal of UDAP is to build an asset-oriented service layer on the blockchain that can connect blockchain applications and basic layers of blockchain. Application developers can release, transfer and trade various virtual and physical assets quickly and safely.

At present, there are 19 members in the UDAP team. Most of the core members were with IBM. Besides chairman of foundation-Derrick Warren is the former vice president of IBM Global Services, Ran Bing was the former IBM architect, Zhang Li was the former managing director of planning and consulting of Inspur Group, former senior managing consultant of IBM GBS.

What is the intermediate layer?

Simply speaking, it is an agent. For example, when we want to buy a product from overseas, we can go abroad and buy it directly, or we can ask friends who live in that country to bring the product to us. Here, friends who bring things for us play the role of the middle layer.

When we do online shopping, we use applications such as PayPal, Amazon Payment to make the payment. We save money in bank cards, and online shopping applications can choose to develop a function that directly interacts with banks to transfer and change the balance. But on one hand, it takes money and time to develop this function, and on the other hand, if the payment function is not trusted by users, no one will use it. More questions need to solve such as what if the application is stolen or attacked by hackers?

Therefore, when we pay for online shopping, we usually choose to use third-party applications such as PayPal, Amazon Payment. The third-party application payment interface between the online shopping application and the bank card. They play the role of the intermediate layer. As a result, the online shopping payment process will be guaranteed through PayPal and Amazon, all of which are trusted by customers. The effort to develop an independent payment function then can be saved to focus on improving users’ experience.

What will this cooperation bring to both sides?

In order to avoid duplication of development, QuarkChain strategically invests in UDAP and forms a close partnership. UDAP can access to QuarkChain’s network, and manage assets useful and safe. QuarkChain team can focus on the development of the underlying public chain. The application developer does not need to change the existing structure or even understand the underlying technology of QuarkChain. By relying on UDAP as the middle layer, they can interact with QuarkChain by using the interface, which avoids the situation that developers need to slow down their performance. If application development is more convenient and the application is more credible, more developers will join.

With flexibility, application developers can interact with QuarkChain directly by writing codes at the application level, and achieve many in-depth functions. However, with UDAP, directly using the QuarkChain code becomes more approachable for some applications with low underlying requirements, which avoids duplicate code writing. QuarkChain’s secure, flexible and high throughput underlying technology, coupled with UDAP’s role that links various application layers, will enable the measurement and connection of various virtual and physical assets, and ultimately achieve wide commercial use.

What are Recent Trends?

Since 2017, UDAP has focused on the research and development of the middleware of blockchain. Within two years, layer 2 architecture for the protocol layer, the middle layer, asset wallet, and application layer has been gradually completed. UDAP’s “layer 2” solutions for real-world assets and encrypted assets include Singular protocol — an EVM smart contract framework that provides a standard model of tokenizing non-fungible assets; UDAP Middleware-functional blockchain middleware, UDGE-a blockchain game engine, DID-decentralized identity, Harvest-asset management wallet; and several blockchain applications developed with middleware, including UMedia and Cert-Wallet.

With the gradual advancement of UDAP development, UDAP will be launched in PIEXGO in the near future and it will be issued in the form of IXO. The issuing process will start on July 7 and open the transaction on July 8. Only users who hold QKC have the opportunity to participate. The more QKC people hold, the higher degree of participation people have. After the launch of UDAP, QuarkChain will continue to grow ecologically and work together with more excellent projects in the ecosystem to create a beautiful and robust QuarkChain ecology.

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