Event Summary-QuarkChain Celebrated the 1 Year Anniversary of Listing at Russia with Binance

On June 4, Binance held a global meetup in Moscow, which coincided with the first anniversary of QuarkChain’s listing at Binance. Ting Du, QuarkChain CBO was invited to participate in the meetup, and gave a keynote speech in public and participated in a round table discussion. Together with the local Russian ambassadors, we communicated with the blockchain technical enthusiasts and conveyed the concept of QuarkChain to more Russian users. We introduced the features of QuarkChain, such as more flexibility, high scalability, and no need forks.

As one of the most active crypto markets in the world, Russia has a large number of loyal advocates of blockchain and digital currency, as well as a group of outstanding developers. As one of the biggest communities of QuarkChain, the Russian community has been contributing greatly to the development of QuarkChain. This meetup invitation also gave QuarkChain great opportunities to expand its influence in Russia in the future. The event attracted more than four hundred participants, and some of them even came from neighboring countries.

During the meetup, QuarkChain CBO Ting Du gave a speech on the topic of “After Mainnet Launch: Scalability, Flexibility, and Interoperability”. Starting from what kind of infrastructure a global computer network needs, he gradually introduced the ecosystem of QuarkChain and explained how QuarkChain solved the blockchain scalability problem to the participants. Boson consensus, exclusively developed by QuarkChain, enables every shard to have different consensus algorithms, ledger models, transaction models, and token economics. With the help of this architecture, the ultimate interoperability can be achieved. Relying on the customization of each shard, QuarkChain has the ability to create a compatible blockchain ecosystem.

In addition, Ting Du also mentioned that after QKC listed on Binance for one year, the industry’s concerns changed frequently, for example, from scalability to DApp, from STO to equity economics, and then to DeFi(decentralized finance). The future answer to the blockchain may depend on whether the industry can help broader use cases for this new asset class beyond pure speculation. However, in the continuous exploration, many of the existing public chain architectures cannot support the flexible upgrade and thus can they only rely on hard forks to solve the problem. However, hard forks will cause the division of the existing community and lead to the loss of the current industry, which we believe it’s not the best way for the industry’s development. QuarkChain’s flexible architecture will rely on flexible compatibility with multiple consensus mechanisms to upgrade without splitting communities. This is very important for both industrial development and community development.

In the end, Ting Du also introduced QuarkChain’s future plan after the mainnet launch, include QuarkChain’s development and research on the private token and stable token models. After the speech, Du Ting also participated in a round-table discussion and held discussions with other industry elites present on the development of the whole industry.

Ting Du’s speech was highly recognized by the audiences. He received a standing ovation at the end of his speech. Many people asked valuable questions to get a deeper understanding about QuarkChain. In the in-depth communication after the meetup, QuarkChain’s solution has been highly recognized by other blockchain practitioners, believing that QuarkChain will provide more innovation for the blockchain industry.



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