Empowering the Domestic Blockchain Industry: QuarkChain Will Attend 2019 Shanghai Blockchain Technological Innovation Summit

China (Shanghai) Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit & 2019 Global Blockchain Technology and Application Presentation Summit will be held on September 6 in Shanghai. The summit is hosted by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Shanghai Economic and Informatization Committee and Yangpu District Government of Shanghai Municipality. The summit invites professionals from multiple industries, including the Director of China UnionPay, experts of MIT Media Lab, and the chief digital technology expert of IBM. QuarkChain CEO Qi Zhou and CBO Ting Du are invited to participate in the summit. They will give a keynote speech and join the round table discussion. They will share their experiences of blockchain applications and discuss with other experts on how to use blockchain to empower the real economy.

Quark Chain CBO Ting Du will participate in a round table discussion in the morning. He will discuss with experts on how blockchains can empower the real economy. The QuarkChain CEO Dr. Zhou will give a keynote speech about “high-performance blockchains in the future economy and society” in the afternoon.

Live broadcasts are also expected on the day of the event on September 6, and we will share the live link on the day of the event.

The key points of the summit are: discussions of blockchain technology, layout of blockchain industry planning, sharing the blockchain applications, and presenting the achievements of blockchain. Through deep discussions about the technology and application, the summit aims to make the politics, enterprises, academia and research institutes more closely connected and integrated, to improve the overall competition and influence of blockchain in Yangtze River Triangle and in China, to create a global “independently controllable, healthy ordered, secure and trusted, application innovative” blockchain ecosystem. Besides QuarkChain, core members of other famous blockchain projects such as NEO, Ontology will participate in the summit. The summit is open for registration and community members are welcome to join.

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About Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association

Shanghai Association for Science and Technology is the competent department of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association. Shanghai Blockchain Association was founded by multiple units including National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center and Shanghai Eastern Tech-Transfer Co.,Ltd. It is registered in the Shanghai Community Administration as a first-class association.

Association Mission: Enhance the blockchain technology to be developed rapidly and orderly, create a secure and efficient blockchain ecosystem, make a contribution to build Shanghai as an excellent global city and a global Sci-Tech innovation center.

Association Duty: Organize technique training, set technique standards, and provide services of technique consulting, and application promotion as well as cooperation and communications.

About QuarkChain

QuarkChain is the first public chain to have implemented state sharding. Thanks to its great design of sharding function, QuarkChian has realized a high TPS. At the same time, it makes customization available for four factors: consensus, token economy, virtual machines, and ledger model. QuarkChain has become a flexible, scalable and user-friendly blockchain with the highly secure, decentralized, and highly efficient underlying architecture.

Thanks to its state sharding technology, QuarkChain is compatible with multiple consensuses. The PoSW originally proposed by QuarkChain can support the mining algorithm on Ethereum. More importantly, for mining on QuarkChain shards under the PoSW, as long as you meet the staking condition, the benefits of mining on QuarkChain, converting to the market price, exceed mining returns from Ethereum under the same level of computing power. Such benefits can be 5 times higher than the one on Ethereum!