Crying Out Love, in the Center of the Universe

QuarkChain Valentine’s Day Event

It’s never too late to express your love! Do you want to remain your love story forever?

This Valentine’s Day, QuarkChain will give you a chance to show love and help you transmit love.

Feb.13 — Feb.15: Leave the comment under Twitter post:, and share your love story which includes but not limits to: romantic memories, words you wanna say to your beloved one, you can also write down your love confession

Feb.16: We will publish all the selected stories, and initiate a vote. You can call on your friends to vote for your story

Feb. 22: Voting closed and we will announce the result.

Top 5 will receive 5000QKC each as Forever Love foundation. QuarkChain team also will record these 5 stories on the chain as eternal memory.

Voting will be closed on Feb.22 10AM (PST Time)

❤️Happy Valentine Day! ❤️