After Scaling, Why Do Public Chain Still Fail to Land? How Would QuarkChain Change the Current Landscape When It Realizes 1 Million TPS?

Huoxing Finance APP reports the 55th chat with editor-in-chief with the following theme: after expansion, why do public chain still fail to land? How would QuarkChain change the current landscape when it realizes 1 million TPS? The chat was between the editor-in-chief Meng Xiao she and CEO of QuarkChain, Dr. Qi Zhou.

  • Circulation: the core of our circulation mechanism lays within our flexible structure and multi-native token functionalities. On the basis of app-friendly, high flexibility, and high compatibility, we let all sorts of applications to land on QuarkChain and guarantee interconnectivity. Different kinds of applications or different shards can issue native tokens by burning QKC. The functionalities of these native tokens are identical to that of QKC. With good applications, its tokens would have a higher value, thus guaranteeing the developers the benefits from designing good products.
  • Enabling new functions for existing cryptocurrencies: Through forking existing coins, we can let current coin-bearing users to enjoy the benefits of the QuarkChain network. For example, after forking Bitcoin, all Bitcoin users can deploy smart contract on QuarkChain and play dApp and participate in DeFi.