A Trip for QuarkChain Ecosystem Expanding

Summary of Recent Meetings QuarkChain Attended

Recently, QuarkChain BD(Business Development) team participated in a series of activities held in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. They communicated with practitioners of the blockchain industry and top technology companies from domestic and overseas about the latest development of blockchain. By attending these events, QuarkChain has spread its philosophy and sought for new ecosystem partners to find out the key parts of its ecosystem’s construction.

Asia’s Biggest Technology Summit — RISE

2019 RISE Hong Kong, Asia’s biggest technology summit was held in the Hong Kong exhibition center from 8th July to 11th July this year. Being the biggest technology summit in Asia, 2019 RISE Hong Kong attracted more than 700 technology startups and 16,316 people from 114 countries all around the world. QuarkChain’s CBO Ting Du and the BD team attended the summit. They communicated with attendees from different fields and talked about how to combine blockchain technology with different industries. Many companies were impressed by QuarkChain’s advanced technology and expressed their intentions to cooperate with QuarkChain in the future.

TAKE OFF — Little Turtle’s Blockchain Roadshow (Shenzhen)

The “Take Off” Salon was held in Shenzhen on the 13th of July. It was held by Little Turtle, supported by T+SPACE and CoinALL. Representatives from VNT、BIKI、HOO、DAPPX Cocos-BCX and other blockchain companies attended the salon. QuarkChain’s CBO Ting Du was invited and took part in the round table discussion about “The Application of Blockchain”.

“I believe both sharding technology and privacy technology will have a promising future. Sharding technology is a kind of technology applied in the IT industry and it’s the key technology to solve performance difficulties not only at present but also in the future. ” Ting Du said during the round table, “The core concept of blockchain is a revolution of the ledger and the core of the ledger is the protection of account privacy. The development of privacy technology is crucial for blockchain infrastructure.”

Currently, QuarkChain has implemented its state sharding technology, which is the most valuable application and the biggest technological breakthrough. Moreover, privacy technology is already on QuarkChain’s agenda.

2019 Block Global ECO Summit

2019 Block Global ECO Summit was held in Shenzhen on the 14th of July. It attracted over 4,000 people to attend, including CEO of HUOBI China, Vice president of Huawei Global, Vice president of Tencent Cloud and investment institutions, blockchain media and technical experts. QuarkChain CBO Ting Du and the BD team also attended the summit.

Blockchain technology and its applications were the hot topics during the summit. Blockchain’s ecosystem and risk prevention were discussed. The attendees also analyzed the national strategy and shared their related experience to better help the real economy with blockchain technology. QuarkChain’s team exchanged their ideas with the participants and discussed the possibilities to combine blockchain technology with traditional industries.

QuarkChain’s philosophy has been spread and its ecosystem partnership has been expanded during this trip. In addition, QuarkChain has established its relationship with various areas where blockchain technology could be applied such as the intent, industry, finance, logistics and so on. Besides, QuarkChain has become popular among these fields and earned a better understanding of their needs about blockchain applications. Thus, QuarkChain has developed a more clear goal for TO B and TO C and will be better prepared for it in the future.









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