Bitcoin Events’ third annual event, Crypto Fest 2021: Rumble in the Crypto Jungle, was held online on October 29th. QuarkChain’s tech lead Junjia participated during the panel talk titled ‘Moving Towards a Multi-Chain World.’

In the talk, he shared his opinions on the important points and future of multi-chain and…

Editor’s note: This article is a technical article published by QuarkChain founder & CEO Dr. Zhou on the Ethereum technology forum, introducing an efficient on-chain dynamic Merkle tree solution.

Original link:


Following the stateless client idea, we implement an efficient on-chain dynamic Merkle tree with

  • on-chain inclusive verification;
  • on-chain…

On October 22, the QuarkChain team returned to Shanghai and participated in the Shanghai Jiaotong University Computer Science Global Lunch Lecture. The team also attended a sharing event organized by the Jiaotong University Blockchain Association. QuarkChain core engineer and technical leader Junjia returned to his alma mater to give two…

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