Dear Community Members,

Welcome to the 72nd QuarkChain Monthly Report (December 2021). We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what happened in the past month!

1) Development Progress

1.1 Updates

  • Develop a…

Bitcoin Events’ third annual event, Crypto Fest 2021: Rumble in the Crypto Jungle, was held online on October 29th. QuarkChain’s tech lead Junjia participated during the panel talk titled ‘Moving Towards a Multi-Chain World.’

In the talk, he shared his opinions on the important points and future of multi-chain and…

Editor’s note: This article is a technical article published by QuarkChain founder & CEO Dr. Zhou on the Ethereum technology forum, introducing an efficient on-chain dynamic Merkle tree solution.

Original link:


Following the stateless client idea, we implement an efficient on-chain dynamic Merkle tree with

  • on-chain inclusive verification;
  • on-chain…

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